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Slip-and-Fall Lawsuits: Wet Floors

Wet floor signs at business premises are used to warn people about wet floors and to prevent them from involvement in a slip-and-fall accident. Where a wet sign is not placed on a wet floor resulting in someone injuring themselves the owner of the premises may be found liable for damages in a slip-and-fall lawsuit.

The damages awarded in slip-and-fall settlements can consist of the following:
a) Pain and suffering
b) Past and future income loss
c) Medical treatment
d) Out of pocket expenses

A slip-and-fall lawyer defending a property owner would need to show that the owner took reasonable and ordinary care. A wet floor sign in front of the entrance to a business location, along with frequent mopping of the entrance area during rainy periods to prevent an unreasonable accumulation of rain water, constitutes reasonable and ordinary care on the owner's part.

In some instances, even at a family dwelling, an invited guest can seek damages if their slip-and-fall lawyer handling the claim can show that the host was aware of the water spill (or any other hazard) and did nothing to make his or her guest aware of it.

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